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How it works:
FREE CD Request:
  • Go to Register for free Ved-Puran CD section
  • Fill in your details - Confirm you are registering here for the first time
  • Your information will be saved in the database for future use.


  • Donors donating INR 1001/- or higher will be automatically registered for Free CD sets & will have option to donate the Free CD sets for 2 others.
  • You can choose 2 others from:
    1. Choose 2 entries shown by system from already registered members.
    2. Do the search based on various criteria & select 2 entries.
    3. Enter your own 2 entries along with full address / contact details.
  • CDs are not sent immediately after you register for free Ved-Puran CD section.
  • Donor donating INR 1001/- or higher will get 1 set of CDs for free & option to choose 2 entries from Free Ved-Puran CD requests
  • Deliveries of the CDs are initiated twice a month.
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